Meet my friend April Fulghum

I wanted to have a page in honor of my friend April Fulghum. 


April was a loving and caring mother of 2 boys and married the love of her life Scott. To me April was my friend and fellow employee of my studio. April came to my studio in her junior year in high school. She would work for me part time over the next 10 years. April was a very talented person and was well on her way into her own photography business. April had an eye for photography and always wanted to learn everything that she could about camera and what made it work. April was always there for me every time I needed her on a photo assignment. Outside her family and her pets, photography was her passion.


When April started her own photography studio, she would call me from time to time for my ideas of the type of photo session she was about to do. I would even go with her on some of her sessions at her request; April always wanted the best for her customers. I was honored to be with her on her first wedding that she photographed, April had everything under control, and I sometime wondered why I was there.


April had a talent with children and always brought out the biggest smiles a parent could ask for. In fact April would have to photograph my very own son Ryan because I could not get the real Ryan in the photos. In my home today most of the photos of Ryan, were taken by April.


At the time of her death April was an office manager for an apartment complex here in the Shreveport / Bossier area. April was working towards that day where she could do photography full time. April was the victim of a senseless murder that happened at work by an employee that was fired hours earlier. My friend left this world on Oct 10, 2012.


April the short time that you where here on this earth, you have touched so many people and have put countless smiles on people that had the honor of knowing you. Thanks for giving all that you had to everyone you met.



I will miss you my friend.